Getting Fans on Facebook

There are several methods for getting unlimited fans for your Facebook page but these types of ways are condemned simply by Facebook for they produce inorganic and fake followers. There are software programs which can give you thousands of likes, or you can even buy fans online. This is the easy way but won’t generate any interactions or resilient results.

The other way is significantly harder, but, it will give long term results which are search engine friendly and consistent discussion level, and this will help enhance your rank as well.

Be descriptive

The first thing you need to do in order to get the maximum number of Facebook fans is to make your page as descriptive as you can. Fill all the fields given with as much information that you can. Let people find out by what exactly they are linking with. If most fields are left blank, the page looks ignored, fake and dead and nobody wants to join a dead site.

Make users curious

One of the most important steps you can take to get more Facebook Likes is always to utilize user curiosity. Don’t make all of your page content public, keep some hidden to ensure that people have to join your page to find out more. If the entire page content is created public and open, nobody will bother hitting the like button.

Facebook widget

If you already have your site or website for your brand on Facebook, you can integrate all of them. Put a Facebook widget in your blog and generate traffic for your page. A major amount of targeted traffic is sure to join your Facebook page at the same time. You can use Word Press plugins to put a Facebook widget anywhere on your website.

Stay active

Like mentioned earlier, people won’t join the dead page. So, in order to ensure a regular interaction or activity level, you need to keep active yourself; post regularly on a daily basis. Make sure you post relevant and interesting content only which will increase your rank. You can post video tutorials, text or image documents to attract your enthusiasts. You can also publish about your upcoming products and details about your industry or product.


Post questions and set polls to increase user interaction level. Start conversations with the actual fans; this will help them get to know you and will also allow you to learn about them. Even if you don’t get many fans in the beginning don’t get demotivated. Invite your friends and family and start activity. Fans will build upward gradually once your site becomes more active.

There are many more ways too to attract people to your page. Many brand pages about Facebook attract users by offering free giveaways by means of competitions and draws. People find such things really intriguing. Fans can even generate by liking different web pages; one such site that gives rewards for joining pages is

You can build your fan base quite easily without opting for buying likes or spamming. It will just take longer but the results will stay longer as well.